Mathias Humbert

Mathias Humbert, Ph.D. (EPFL, 2015)

I am a scientific project manager at the newly created Cyber-Defence Campus. Prior to this, I was a senior data scientist (2017-2019) at the Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC), ETHZ and EPFL, and a postdoctoral researcher (2015-2017) at the Center for IT-Security, Privacy, and Accountability (CISPA), in Saarbrücken. I completed my Ph.D. thesis in 2015 in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL (Switzerland), after B.Sc./M.Sc. studies at EPFL and UC Berkeley.

My research interests lie at the intersection of privacy, cybersecurity, and machine learning. I am currently investigating privacy risks in various contexts, such as machine learning as a service (MLaaS), online social networks, wearable devices, and spectrum monitoring. Furthermore, I am applying machine learning and data analytics to earlier detect cyber-threats. My research expertise includes genomic privacy, privacy in online social networks, location privacy, game theory, and probabilistic graphical models.

In my Ph.D. thesis (available here), I have notably analyzed the variety of interdependencies in individuals' data, and their impact on privacy. I have shown the impossibility of protecting privacy individually and independently of others (stemming from the lack of control over correlated data), and the need for new definitions of privacy, in its social context, and as a common good.

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